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Fire Policy


POLICY: The safety and welfare of all persons using the hall is paramount. The Committee will assess the Hazards and Risks to all persons using the hall and apply procedures to minimise the risks to the users, employees and contractors.

Applicable to:

All persons using or hiring the Hall.
Committee members.
Contractors carrying out work.

Hazard. Burns, asphyxiation, death.

Control measures to minimise risk:

A Risk Assessment will be completed and recorded by a person appointed by the Board.

1. All combustible materials will be kept away from heaters.
2. Products that give off inflammable vapours will be stored safely and will not be kept in the same room where naked flames are exposed, or where ignition could occur.
3. Containers that have held flammable liquids will be treated as though they are full.
4. Exits and Emergency escape routes will be kept free and unobstructed at all times and
clearly marked.

5. Fire doors will not be propped open or locked at any time.
6. Self-closing doors must not be jammed open.
7. Appropriate fire extinguishers will be provided.
8. Fire extinguishers will be checked and recharged annually, if necessary.

9. Personnel are instructed in what to do and how the alarm will be raised.
10. Equipment will be tested and any necessary maintenance carried out and recorded on a routine basis e.g., alarm, fire fighting equipment, emergency doors, emergency lighting, if applicable, electrical appliances.
12 In the event of the alarm sounding, a person will take charge, ensure emergency services are informed, ensure safe evacuation from the premises to the rendezvous point and ensure all personnel are accounted for.
13 Persons/ Hirers of the hall will be issued with copies of this Procedure and the Emergency Evacuation Strategy.


Recording - The Hazard and Risk for the premises will be reviewed periodically and when any; significant change is made to the premises, its use, and changes in legislation.
Records and relevant documents will be kept in the Hall filing system.

November 2018



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