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Booking Conditions

Email & Telephone provisional bookings must be confirmed in writing within 14 days on an official booking form.

Deposits are only refunded if 14 days notice of cancellation is given.


1- The Hirer must be aged 18 or over.

2- The Hirer must sign a written undertaking to accept responsibility fo being in charge of all activities, and must be on the premises at all times when the public are present, and for ensuring that all conditions of management and supervision are met. If the Hirer is unable to be in attendance a deputy must be nominated to whom all conditions will apply as if he/she were the Hirer.

3- The Hirer is solely responsible for payment of hire fees for the Hall and for equipment.

4- The Hirer shall indemnify the Hall Management Committee for any damage caused to the Hall, equipment or fittings. Any clothing or equipment brought into or left in the Hall is entirely at the owners risk.

5- The Hirer must ensure that he/she is familair with the fire precautions and escape routes. Fire alarm system fitted. The Hall capacity as recommended Strathclyde Fire Brigade are;-

Supper Dance  100 persons

Dining Room   126 persons

Concert   187 persons 17 rows 11 seats each row.

6- The Hirer must carry out the following safety checks before the public are admitted:-

(a) Exits - Ensure they are unlocked and available for use.

(b) Escape routes - Ensure they are free of obstructions and can be safely used at all times.


8- The Main Hall and Small Hall hardwood floors must be kept dry at all times. Any accidental spillage must be wiped up immediately.  

9- Stilletto heels are not allowed inside the Hall.

10- All equipment must be put away after use. Please leave the Hall as you would wish to find it.

11- The kitchen area must be cleared of all food, crockery washed and put away. Any rubbish to be put in the bins outside.

12- The Hirer is responsible for ensuring all lights and electrical appliances have been switched off before leaving the Hall.

13- Any organisation, which has been issued with a door key, is responsible for its safe keeping and for ensuring that the Hall is left secure, which entails checking all windows and both outside doors before leaving. Any organisation losing its key will be charged for the replacement of the relavant lock and its associated keys.

14- The Hall Committee reserves the right to add to, or change these Conditions of Hire without notice.



Events in band 1 and for selected cases in band 2 :-

The deposit will equal the cost of the hire, paid at the time of booking. And will be returned less any deductions due to damage, breakages or the Hall being left unclean.

Band 1 Private functions with alcohol:-

Will be required to pay a deposit of £200.00 at time of booking.

A charge of £10.00 will be made for the use of Lighting Equipment and the "Best crockery"

Revised 23 rd June 2003


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